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Tove Lo Has A Pretty Legendary Grunge Fan Girl

A collaboration NEEDS to happen.

I think the last time I was this excited about a potential collaboration, it was between Miley Cyrus and Bikini Kill's Kathleen Hanna (WHERE IS THAT, btw?). Courtney Love and Tove Lo just had a digital love fest, and I don't think I'm the only one who's hoping for some collab-o-magic.

"love this song #habits thanks @tovelo let's hang xc," Love wrote on Instagram, sharing some lyrics from Tove's hit song "Habits." If you have not heard "Habits" -- or its remix -- yet, you obviously live under some kind of stone-like material, but we forgive Courtney for fanning out in Johnny-Come-Lately-esque style.

Being a HUGE fan of Love and her late husband, Kurt Cobain, Tove reacted as we all would... by screenshotting the shoutout, thereby creating an endless feedback loop of love with the caption, "OMG yeees @courtneylove I know every song of #CelebritySkin."

While these two hanging out would potentially be the most badass moment in music, I really think they should kick it up and record together. I mean, Love JUST put out the ultimate song of the summer for indoor kids, "Miss Narcissist" with Wavves frontman Nathan Williams' Ghost Ramp label -- let's get the whole gang together for some seriously grunge-y mess with danceable beach vibez.

You guys in?