Still 'Chillin': 'Real World: Boston' Roomies Sean Duffy And Syrus Yarbrough Just Reunited

Ahhh, never forget the firehouse days

Sean Duffy and Syrus Yarbrough made a real connection during their Boston days -- now fast-forward nearly 20 years (yes, we can't believe it either!), and the Bean Town buddies are still pals.

"#RealWorld #Roomates Chillin w/ #Congressman #SeanDuffy he was my boy in #Boston Now he is killing it for #Wisconsin From #Reality to the #Government u gotta love it! " the notorious ladies' man captioned the chummy photograph above with the politician and father of eight. "Make sure all y'all #Register to #Vote for this #Election #2016 will be one to remember #TBT #HillaryClinton vs #DonaldTrump #Democrats vs #Republicans Be #American and stand for something #SyTheVoteGuy #SyLifeStyle #SyThePartyGuy."

Started at the firehouse and now they're here! Now if they could just reunite with Montana, Kameelah, Elka, Genesis and Jason -- that would be a special sight.

What's your favorite Real World: Boston memory? Share 'em in the comments, and be sure to catch a brand-new episode of Real World Seattle: Bad Blood this Wednesday at 10/9c -- and because it's Flashback Friday, enjoy the video below of S-squared during their first day of the once-in-a-lifetime MTV experience (picking rooms!).

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