The Original 'Real World' Cast Is Reuniting -- All In The Name Of Oprah

What are Norman, Julie and Eric up to these days? Ms. Winfrey will find out.

Last night, "Real World" premiered its 30th season by ushering a group of young, excited twentysomethings into a Chicago loft. And though the new housemates put on quite a show, they'd have been remiss to forget that without the efforts of their forefathers, they'd have never had the chance to make the trip.

Twenty-two years ago, seven strangers from across the country moved into a New York City loft on Broadway and made history as the "Real World: New York" cast. They went to war over race relations and broke down stigma surrounding sexuality -- all while sporting the finest '90s neon fashion. Now, eons later, the whole gang's getting back together (!!!).

On Sunday night's new episode of "Oprah Where are They Now?," Heather B., Norman Korpi and their fellow "Real World" pioneers will join up in the very place they met more than two decades ago, and though we can't wait to hear how the group has grown and changed, Heather B. has made it very clear there's one thing on which she hasn't budged over the years.

"Clearly I didn't become #selfie taker. Ha! OPRAH'S: Where Are They Now? This Sunday for our REUNION." she tweeted with the photo above. We wouldn't have it any other way, friend...

Check out a sneak peek of the episode, and be sure to tune in to "Oprah Where are They Now?" Sunday, December 21, at 9/8c to see the original "Real World" cast back together!

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