'Green Lantern' Will Receive 3-D Release

The studio confirmed to MTV News today that Ryan Reynolds' debut as Hal Jordan will indeed have a 3-D release in June 2011, adding a new twist to the visual spectacle many expect when a new Green Lantern is welcomed to Sector 2814 (that's Earth and surrounding areas, for the uninitiated).

This has been a relatively busy couple of weeks for "Green Lantern" news, with test filming reported to begin later this month, and "Green Lantern" comics writer Geoff Johns making a visit to the set last week.

Previously, we heard from "Green Lantern" director Martin Campbell, who gave us the scoop on some of the "constructs" Hal Jordan will form with his ring, and a rough estimate of how much of the film will occur in space.

We also brought you the news of Tim Robbins joining the "Green Lantern" cast, as well as some thoughts from Reynolds about his co-star, Blake Lively. Sadly, we couldn't get him to recite the oath — but you have to give us points for trying.

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