Another 'Teen Wolf' Resurrection: Theo's Back, But Can He Be Trusted?

The manipulative sociopath just might hold the key to finding Stiles

He's baaaaaack.

We thought we'd said our farewell to Theo at the end of Teen Wolf's Season 5 (just like we thought we'd seen the last of the recently recovered Peter Hale in Season 4), but it turns out that buh-bye was short-lived. (Remember when the manipulative sociopath's little sister dragged him into the depths of hell creepy Ring-style? Yikes.)

While Scott, Lydia and Malia were trying to track down Stiles in the (almost) deserted ghost town of Canaan during tonight's episode, Liam and Hayden teamed up with the brain-eating Mr. Douglas in a bid to stop the Ghost Riders. This plan apparently included resurrecting Theo, who had stolen all sorts of power from his little chimera pack, including Josh's ability to absorb lightning.


While Theo's powers seem to have diminished (ha -- karma's a bitch, buddy!), he claims he can still help, mostly thanks to his immense knowledge of the Dread Doctors and the Wild Hunt. Oh, and there's also the small fact that HE STILL REMEMBERS STILES.

But knowing Theo and his affinity for smashing the elderly with hammers, he almost always has an ulterior motive. His return most definitely doesn't sit well with Scott or Malia, as not only did he try to drive a wedge between Sciles, but he also turned Malia over to the Desert Wolf in exchange for more power. And he also, you know, shot Malia in the gut.

After his time spent down south, could the power-hungry villain have turned over a new leaf? Or is he doomed to a lifetime of distrust from Scott and the gang? Would you give him a chance if he held what could possibly be the only key to finding your best friend? Post your thoughts, and catch an all-new episode next Tuesday at 9/8c!