California Rapper Tall T Murdered In Park

By Carter Maness

Tyrone Franklin, better known as rap artist Tall T, was shot and killed Tuesday in California (June 12). 23-years-old at his time of death, the shooting came as a complete surprise and police have revealed no suspect or motives as of press time.

According to News 10, who broke the news, Franklin was sitting with his girlfriend at Long Park in Stockton, CA. He was approached, tapped on the shoulder and shot in broad daylight upon turning around.

"He wasn't even out there being involved in anything like that [gangs or crime], because he was so into what he was doing musically," said Courtney McBride, a friend of Tall T, to News 10.

Franklin, a renowned MC in West Coast battle rap circles, is actually the second Stockton rapper to be murdered this week. Previously, Saul Salas was shot and died outside of a nightclub known as TX in Lathrop, CA. Police claim there is no connection between the shootings.

Tall T was gearing-up to release an album this summer, and his friends said they would see to it that the LP is still heard by his fans.

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