Ke$ha's 'We R Who We R' Video: Check Out An On-Set Photo!

Hype Williams helmed the clip for the first 'Cannibal' single.

Say what you want about Ke$ha -- and some people certainly do -- but when she "goes hard," she goes haaaarrd.

New photos from the set of her "We R Who We R" video, likely to be the first clip released from her November 22 sophomore album, Cannibal, have emerged online. For the video, the party moves to a downtown Los Angeles tunnel, which, under the direction of legendary director Hype Williams, comes complete with fiery flash-pots and explosions.

The new photos -- different from the ones that hit the Internet earlier Tuesday (November 2) -- show Ke$ha in a look reminiscent of Rihanna's post-apocalyptic getup in Jay-Z's "Run This Town" video, with the pop star rocking ripped-up leggings and a one-piece bodysuit covered in shattered glass. And, naturally, there's a bandolier across her body for good measure.

Reports from the set also indicated that at least two cars drag-raced down the same underground street for a different sequence in the video.

The track takes its cues from its Animal predecessors, but with its edges honed like the broken mirror parts Ke$ha wears in the video. Less Auto-Tune (that's less, not none) and more topical lyrics help make "Who We R" a step forward for the oft-badmouthed pop star who recently told Entertainment Weekly that she wrote the song with her mind on the recent wave of young people who had taken their own lives due to bullying. "I wanted to inspire people to be themselves. It's a celebration of any sort of quirks or eccentricities." Especially if your quirk is to wear silver lipstick and an outfit made of broken glass, padlocks and bullets.

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