This Man Is Rolling A Giant Testicle Across America - But For A Very Good Reason

Check out Thomas Cantley's nutty plan for raising testicular cancer awareness.

In what has to be the most inventive plan ever to raise cancer awareness, Thomas Cantley is pushing an enormous inflatable testicle across the country, in the hopes of inspiring his fellow men to be vigilant about the health of their balls.

Cantley, a 31 year-old cancer survivor, came up with the idea as a way to (ahem) get the ball rolling on getting young men to be tested for testicular cancer. Vowing never to deflate or detach his ball from his person, he kicked off his planned journey from LA to New York last week.

Speaking to KSBW in Carmel, California, Cantley explained that his goal was to get people talking about testicular cancer, and that he and his ball would be relying on the kindness of strangers in order to work their way east:

"My goal is to get across the country not by any money," Cantley said. "I want people to come and (say), 'I'll book a hotel room, I'll take you out to lunch, I'll fill up your gas tank' or whatever, and I want those physical connections, I don't just want people to donate to me, I want people to connect with me."

In short: If you see Cantley rolling down a highway near you, feel free to stop for a chat -- and be prepared for him to ask if you'd like to write an inspirational message on his testicle.

You can follow the adventures of Thomas and his ball (known as "Lefty") on Instagram, or donate to the cause on his website at

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