'NSYNC, Aguilera Weigh In On Eminem Track

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction... and so after Eminem set his lyrical sights numerous pop notables in his "The Real Slim Shady" single and video, the reactions are now pouring in.

The first single from the Detroit rapper's "The Marshall Mathers LP" finds Em musing about the state of music, slamming some of pop's biggest stars, and even suggesting that Christina Aguilera performed a certain sex act on Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst and MTV's Carson Daly.

For their part, Durst and Daly have shrugged off the lyric (see [article id="1428619"]"Limp's Durst Sounds Off On Eminem Single"[/article]), but Aguilera thinks the explicit tune is pretty, well, shady.

[article id="1438161"]"I just find what he has to say disgusting and just completely untrue,"[/article] Aguilera told MTV News late last week.

As for Durst's inclusion in the song, the Limp frontman told MTV News that Em's claims in the single

aren't true, [article id="1438161"]"so it doesn't bother me."[/article] Durst even turns up in Em's video.

[article id="1438161"]"I think it's cool of Fred to tell the truth and not go along with what Eminem is saying, but also there is a double standard, because you see Fred Durst playing himself in the video [for 'The Real Slim Shady'],"[/article] Aguilera noted.

[article id="1438161"]"For whatever reason, it seems [Eminem] has such animosity towards me. I don't know why,"[/article] Aguilera told MTV News. [article id="1438161"]"I don't know what I said to really disturb him, but whatever I said I'd say again."[/article]

Boy band kingpins 'NSYNC also feel the sting of Eminem, as the rapper is seen in his video clad in a superhero costume hunting down a group of 'NSYNC lookalikes.

[article id="1438161"]"The lyrics sound like it's not a dis,"[/article] 'NSYNC's Lance Bass told MTV news

this weekend. [article id="1438161"]"It's like he likes us, but then in the video he doesn't like us.

In the video, he destroys us,"[/article] Joey Fatone added.

However, the group knows that things could have been worse. [article id="1438161"]"Christina got it the worst,"[/article] said Justin Timberlake. [article id="1438161"]"I feel bad for her." [RealVideo][/article]

We will have more from Eminem himself on the song and video in the coming weeks.