We Partied With Rixton For Twelve Hours - Here's What Happened

The group celebrated their debut album release with a livestream full of pizza, bagels and a whole lotta Red Bull.

With reporting by Deepa Lakshmin

Hot on the heels of the release of their debut album Let The Road, the boys from Rixton decided to celebrate in proper rock star fashion - in a hotel room. They didn't trash it, of course, because these dudes are classy AF, but they did do a 12-hour livestream for iHeartRadio, which is infinitely more entertaining (and decidedly less destructive).

MTV News was there to bear witness to Skittle-eating, hilarious singing, Red Bull-drinking and all the delightful tomfoolery.

Here's A Quick Recap

The boys started off on a high note. Speaking of high notes, they performed a medley for us in the style of the queen of them - Ariana Grande.

They're on tour with her right now, so if you need more Rixton and Ari in your life -- be sure to grab tickets fast.

In between chugging Red Bulls, we snapped a couple of party pics, because obviously:

We did talk about some serious stuff, too. We spoke to the the boys about the evolution of their album. "It's been a 6-year process for us to get to this point," said bassist/keyboardist Danny Wilkin, "and now it's almost like we've been raising a child and now we're letting it out into the wild."

Things reached a hilariously delirious point because, you know, sleep deprivation. But we did manage to Extract Energy from the very sleepy crew, who described for us what it was like to work with Ed Sheeran on their single "Hotel Ceiling" -- only using adjectives that begin with E.

By the end, the boys were basically human burritos wrapped in blankets, but still in good spirits. Here's Jake, talking about...something, we think:

Thank you so much for having us, Rixton! We look forward to partying with you all again soon. Now go get some sleep -- y'all deserve it.

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