Rapunzel Is Reunited With Her Hair In 'Tangled'’s Sequel Trailer

Her hair is back with a vengeance

We've been tearing our hair out for nearly seven years waiting for another Tangled movie, and now our favorite long-haired princess is swinging back into action. On Friday (January 13), a new trailer dropped for Tangled: Before Ever After, an animated Disney Channel Original Movie that'll premiere on the network in March in advance of the forthcoming Tangled: The Series. (This is reportedly the first time a DCOM will launch a brand-new series on the network.)

As per EW, the movie will feature a new character named Cassandra, voiced by Broadway star Eden Espinosa. It will also reset the Tangled world, giving Rapunzel her long, magical hair back — though the princess doesn't seem thrilled with the reunion.

Because Disney magic is real, Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi will reprise their roles of Rapunzel and Flynn, respectively. Check out the trailer above.

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