The Return Of Peter Hale: Has The Former Alpha Changed His 'Teen Wolf' Ways?

The master manipulator is back...and we're still not sure he can be trusted

Perhaps the most hated Hale in history has made a shocking return on Teen Wolf, and his motives are — how shall we put this? – questionable, at best.

We haven't seen the villain since his dramatic Season 4 lockup in Eichen House after trying to take down Scott. And now we're wondering: Could Peter Hale's time behind bars have given him a change of heart?

After all, when running into Stiles at the train station, Malia's pop seemed all too eager to give up a bit of Ghost Rider intel and was quick to help the BHHS senior find a way out, even if that meant being charred to a burnt crisp. (Speaking of which, this isn't the former Alpha's first fiery rodeo.)


Stiles must have struck an emotional chord in Peter's black heart when he said, "Somebody's going to remember me, but who would ever remember you?" OUCH. Aaaand in comes every memory Peter has ever had of his biological daughter Malia.

While we know Malia was the driving force behind Peter wanting to escape that Godforsaken train station, the Alpha-who-once-was continued to play tough guy, saying just before latching on to a Ghost Rider, "When I survive, I am going to get as far away from Beacon Hills as I possibly can. And if I happen along one of your below-average friends, and if it doesn't inconvenience me, I might mention your name."

Ha! He did a little more than that, because he risked his supernatural life to bring Scott and crew the one answer they needed to pull the Stiles puzzle together — the keys to Roscoe.

Do you think this particular Hale has changed his tune for good — or is it all an act in a grand plan to reinstate his Alpha status? Post your theories, and catch Teen Wolf when it returns Tuesday, January 3 at 9/8c!

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