19 Snuggly Pillow Forts You'll Never Want To Leave

Stay up all night in these cozy hideouts.

If you've never made a fort out of blankets, pillows and/or sofa cushions, you've never lived. No, these cozy sanctuaries aren't just for kids. We don't care how old you are; you're never too old to embrace your inner wild child and sleep under a fuzzy roof.

Everyone customizes their fortresses differently. Some people need their laptop, a TV or video games. Others want a pile of books and peace and quiet. Whatever (or whoever? *wink*) you want to do in your cushy hideout, Tumblr has plenty of pillow fort inspiration to get you in the mood.

1. Movie marathon, anyone?

2. This one is built on a trampoline, NBD

3. This kid built a blanket shelter in the middle of a computer lab. Casual.

4. If your fort is under the stairs, does that make you Harry Potter?

5. You might find your future prom date in a fort

6. Mood lighting is essential

7. This one has twinkle lights AND a TV

8. Check out all those snacks

9. Pizza makes everything perfect

10. There's so much space for *activities* in this one

11. OMG don't you just wanna curl up with a good book and never leave this place?

12. This one comes with a cat

13. Think about all the adventures you could go on in this fort!

14. You'd never get out of bed if it was this cozy

15. This too-cool-for-school couple recreated the epic "Community" pillow fort for their engagement pics

16. This one has a place to write fanfiction

17. Um, what? This one even has the "Doctor Who" TARDIS

18. You can never have too many pillows

19. Is that a piñata? Yep, it is. You're set for life.

OK, these forts officially have everything you could ever want or need. What do you mean, you need to go to bathroom? Don't do that. Are you insane? NEVER LEAVE THE PILLOWS. The real world is overrated anyway.

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