Demi Lovato And Sylvester Stallone Act Out 'Rocky' IRL

*Blasts ‘Eye of the Tiger’ really really really loud*

We knew Demi Lovato was confident, but damn if she isn’t a tough gal, too.

The pop star took a training session with Sylvester Stallone, the man behind one of the most famous fictional fighters out there, and she reigned victorious, too.

Lovato was spotted in the ring — or, well, on the mat, technically — with Stallone at a Sunset Strip gym, where the two playfully boxed a few rounds. Sly eggs her on, working both his boxing expertise and coaching chops, and Lovato lands a few hits on the actor before he takes a digger and she hoists her gloves for the win.

Not exactly your average kickboxing class, but hey: If you’re going to throw an uppercut or two, who better to practice on than Rocky himself?

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