Pharrell Is The World's Best-Dressed Man (According To 'Esquire,' Anyway)

Kanye, Andre 3000, Franz Ferdinand singer Alex Kapranos and Jay-Z land at #3, #5, #9 and #10, respectively.

It's official: Pharrell Williams is the best-dressed man in the world.

Esquire thinks so, anyway: The magazine unveiled its second annual "Best Dressed Men in the World" list in its September issue. The list includes six musicians and one rock band.

The magazine credits the Neptunes hitmaker with "injecting dressed-up luxury into hip-hop style." For his part, Williams told Esquire, "It's about comfort and flow. It's never about whether I'm the best-dressed guy in the room. I never go, 'Oh, I'm killin' em tonight!' Things just need to fit naturally. Fashion's more about feel than science."

Andre 3000, who topped the inaugural list last year with his "soulful prep" look, still makes the cut, though he slipped down to #5; Kanye West comes in at #3 (see [article id="1490089"]"Outkast's Andre 3000 Named Best-Dressed Man"[/article]). Other musical luminaries on the list are, in order, Franz Ferdinand singer Alex Kapranos (#9), Jay-Z (#10 -- "the new American entrepreneur"), the surprise choice of My Morning Jacket (#14, because the hairy, jeans-and-T-shirt-clad Kentucky quintet "looks the way it sounds -- like a glass of good bourbon on life's front porch") and Coldplay's Chris Martin (#19).

The diverse list also includes Bill Clinton, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, "Today" show co-anchor Matt Lauer, Donald Trump, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, New York Jets running back Curtis Martin, pro golfer Adam Scott, and six actors: Jake Gyllenhaal, Jude Law, George Clooney, Josh Lucas, Luke Wilson, and Paul Bettany.

"Esquire has always been on the forefront of men's style and fashion," the magazine's fashion editor, Nick Sullivan, said in a statement. "Our list for 2005 contains 21 of the most innovative, never trendy, and always perfectly clad for the occasion individuals who roam the globe as walking examples of what it means to be a man well-clothed."