The Wanted Tease Guest MC, Video For 'Chasing The Sun'

'There's an American rapper, potentially, and he's very good and I can't mention who he is,' Tom Parker hints to MTV News.

The Wanted dropped their swagged-out party track [article id="1682528"]"Chasing the Sun"[/article] this week, and despite any literal interpretations one might expect from a video for a song with that title, the guys say they want to go a bit more fun and less obvious.

"We're gonna be flying through space, literally, running after the sun the whole three minutes," Nathan Sykes joked to MTV News after they stepped off the "American Idol" stage Thursday night.

But bandmate Jay McGuiness quickly clarified that's not the case at all. "We saw a lot of treatments and a lot of them took it literally, somewhere chasing the sun," he said. "But we decided we weren't into that. We worked with a director called Director X, so we know it's going to be a good party. But we'll leave the details until we release it."

Director X has already hooked up with the guys on two of their videos, the sun-drenched "Glad You Came" and the darker clip for "Warzone." "Chasing the Sun" is the lead single from [article id="1681727"]the Wanted's forthcoming U.S. debut[/article], set for release later this month, and Max George is counting down the days until it drops.

"We've got an EP coming out on the 24th of April that's all ready to go. I wish it was out now, really," he said. "We're really excited for it to come out. Hopefully all our fans will love the other songs. We've got some singles we've done in the U.K. We've got some new songs we've written. I think they'll like it, I hope."

And while the album is done, Tom Parker noted there could be a last-minute guest on it. "For 'Chasing the Sun' there's an American rapper, potentially, and he's very good and I can't mention who he is," he teased. The guys added he's someone who loves cats but noted it's not Cee Lo Green, who frequently chills with his cat Purrfect on "The Voice."

Sykes said the rapper would appear on "just the single version; the full version of the track will be on the EP. Potentially the single version is with this unnamed rapper. He's very talented."

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