Keke Palmer's Sexy New Music Video Might As Well Be A Lingerie Commercial

You've got our attention, gurrrrl.

It's been a long time since Keke Palmer gave us some new grooves to listen to, but with her latest music video for "I Don't Belong To You," it's not only our ears but our eyes that are being treated.

Because this vid is basically a four-minute-long lingerie fashion show with the gloriously gorgeous (say that five times fast) Miss Palmer showing off her figure in fancy lacy bits.

Sure, there's a storyline running here too: She's not the kind of lover who wants you to try and take her home to mom, and she's never made any secret about that, so don't get all pouty when she's ready to split.

But we feel like this video is making a serious case for why Keke needs to be hit up ASAP for a nightie fashion campaign to triple her threat status -- acting (hayy Zaydayy in "Scream Queens"), music AND modeling. She's got this.

Oh and JSYK, Keke isn't the only "Scream Queens" star who boasts a musical side gig -- check out Diego Boneta's (aka Pete) new retro rock jam "The Hurt."