This Insane Website Wants You To Eat Meat Made Out Of Jennifer Lawrence

BiteLabs is probably a parody, but it has us salivating with horror all the same.

Watch out Courtney Love, someone has their eye on your celebrity skin. A new site has popped up on the Web hawking speciality sausage -- sausage that will be made from a mixture of celebrity tissue and other tasty ingredients.

BiteLabs has a lofty plan to obtain tissue samples from the likes of James Franco and Jennifer Lawrence and, though some fancy process, grow celebrity meat which will then be dried, aged and spiced to perfection.

The Franco salami would include "peppercorns and caramelized onions" and "a charming hint of lavender," while the J-Law edition would include "notes of honey, and spiced with orange zest and ginger."

Not surprisingly, none of the celebrities listed are currently on-board with the scheme; the site is asking users to tweet at the likes Kanye West and Ellen DeGeneres with the hashtag #EatCelebrityMeat to make this meaty dream come true.

Given the oddness of the enterprise, BiteLabs rings a little too "A Modest Proposal" to be true -- and outlets like Slate are already crying "parody!"

Still, folks were creating human cheese out of belly button bacteria not long ago, so perhaps celeb-salami is a possibility. Yum?

If BiteLabs were to get off the ground -- and prove to be an actual real thing -- which celeb meat would you like to eat as a sweet treat?

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