Sebastian Bach To Tour Solo

November 10 [12:00 EDT] -- Sebastian Bach, the former singer of the now defunct Skid Row, has announced a solo tour starting in early December.

Bach says the band for the pending road trip will feature his Last Hard Men mate Jimmy Flemion and that the repertoire will include Skid Row hits, a few Last Hard Men numbers and some selected cover tunes. Ace Frehley Band guitarist Richie Scarlet and a drummer aptly named Bam Bam McConnell are also on board. The bassplayer is still TBA. The first show is December 4 in Cincinnati.

Bach confirms that his former band mates will be continuing without him, but says they won't--and legally can't--be called Skid Row. Insiders say that a new singer, Shawn McCabe has joined bassist Rachel Bolan, guitarists Scotti Hill and Dave "Snake" Sabo, and drummer Rob Affuso. Those same sources also say a greatest hits package is in the works. Bach acknowledges that he's been asked to contribute vocals for two new songs written for inclusion on

a 'best of' record, but says he's waiting to hear the music before he agrees to participate.

Meanwhile, The Last Hard Men, a band formed by former Breeder Kelley Deal that also features Bach, Flemion and (usually) the former Smashing Pumpkins' drummer Jimmy Chamberlain, is still waiting for confirmation on a record deal. Metal Edge Editor Gerri Miller reports that the contract is most likely to be will either Atlantic or a Nasty Man, Deal's own sub-label. Miller adds that Bach may also be recording a solo album.

  • 12/4 - Cincinnati, Ohio @ Annie's
  • 12/5 - Columbus , Ohio @ Alrosa Villa
  • 12/6 - Detroit, Michigan @ Harpo's
  • 12/7 - Cleveland, Ohio @ The Odeon
  • 12/8 - Chicago, Illinois @ House Of Blues
  • 12/10 - Boardman, Ohio @ Pepper's
  • 12/11 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania @ Graffiti's
  • 12/12 - Springfield, Virginia @ Jaxx
  • 12/13 - Providence, Rhode Island @ The Strand
  • 12/14 - New Haven, Connecticut @ Toad's Place
  • 12/16 - Toronto, Ontario,

Canada @ Guvernment

  • 12/17 - Buffalo, New York @ Rock'n'roll Heaven
  • 12/18 - Rochester, New York @ T.B.A.
  • 12/19 - Weymouth, Mass @ Alternate Route
  • 12/20 - Manchester, New Hampshire @ Chantilly's