Donald Trump Dreamed Of Playing In The Majors, On 'When I Was 17'

'I was captain of the baseball team,' the 'Apprentice' boss says on Saturday's episode.

So far this season on MTV's "When I Was 17," we've learned about [article id="1639274"]Drake's awful "neck afro,"[/article] and how [article id="1639811"]Kevin Jonas attempted[/article] to tame his own unfortunate 'fro with a flatiron. On this Saturday's episode, Donald Trump -- the real-estate mogul instantly recognizable by his signature 'do -- takes us back to his teenage years, though viewers will have to tune in to find out whether he opens up about that famous mane.

We do discover, however, that the future "Apprentice" boss was a sports-obsessed teen growing up in the 1960s.

"When I was 17, I loved sports," Trump says on the new episode, airing at 11 a.m. on MTV. "I was always a good athlete. I played football, baseball, soccer. I wrestled. I think the thing I liked the best was baseball."

The New York City native attended an upstate military school, where he dreamed of going pro. Alas, Trump didn't have the skills to make it in the big leagues, but things seem to have turned out well for the guy, no?

"I was captain of the baseball team," Trump explained. "I was supposed to be a professional baseball player. Fortunately, I decided to go into real estate instead. I played first base and I also played catcher. I was a good hitter. I just had a good time."

With his days on the baseball diamond behind him, Trump is happy to spend time on his country club links.

"Now I play golf," he said with a smile.

"When I Was 17" -- this week featuring Donald Trump, Nick Cannon and Aubrey O'Day -- airs Saturday at 11 a.m. on MTV.

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