Happy Sad Confused

Natalie Portman

RELEASED 12/28/2016

Natalie Portman is known for many things but being a great impressionist is not one of them (she’s not shy about admitting this). All of which makes her transformation into Jackie Kennedy in the new film, “Jackie”, that much more impressive. It might be time to stop placing any expectations on the 35 year-old, unless you’re expecting her to land another Oscar nomination for this performance, because that’s basically a done deal. Far from a conventional cradle to grave biopic, “Jackie” captures the grieving first lady at a pivotal juncture, in the days immediately following her husband’s assassination. On this episode of “Happy Sad Confused”, Portman takes us back to the beginning, how her career bizarrely intersected with Britney Spears’, how she avoided being sexualized on screen at a young age, and finally answers the million dollar question: which “Star Wars” film will she show her children first?