Happy Sad Confused

Anne Hathaway And Bella Thorne

RELEASED 04/19/2017

Why was Anne Hathaway, one of the biggest and most celebrated movie stars in the world, considering leaving acting only a couple years ago? The Oscar winner joins Josh this week to talk about her peaks and valleys, how this Jersey girl made it big, and why she’s sick of nice-girl roles. 

Hathaway’s new film is “Colossal”, a delightfully bizarre blend of sci-fi, comedy, and drama, that’s been wowing critics since it debuted at the Toronto Film Festival. 

Also on this week’s episode of “Happy Sad Confused” is actress and social media superstar Bella Thorne. At just 19, Thorne’s already got an impressive resume in television and film. She joins Josh to talk candidly about being nearly broke at 18, how social media actually pays her bills, and her new TV series, “Famous in Love” (which just debuted on Freeform).