Fun Lovin' Criminals Duke It Out With Underworld At Big Day Out

The rock & soul trio known as the Fun Lovin' Criminals have just returned to store shelves with a smokin' new album, "100% Colombian," the follow-up to the group's 1996 critically-acclaimed debut, "Come Find Yourself.

The Criminals have spent most of the last two years on the road in Europe, where their distinctly New York blend of urban grooves and hardcore riffs has helped them become one of America's most popular musical imports.

But FLC's Street-smart vibe has been known to ruffle a few feathers -- as it apparently did last week to the U.K. techno-dance outfit Underworld during the Big Day Out festival down under. According to the Criminals' frontman Huey, some intergroup tensions eventually lead to a series of backstage rows between multi-instrumentalist Fast and Underworld singer Karl Hyde at stops in Melbourne on January 26 and in Sydney a few days earlier.

[article id="1444526"]"My man [Fast] lit up this dude,"[/article] Huey said, [article id="1444526"]"he had a little duke-out. We're not a violent crew at all, but one thing led to another and there was a personal matter between Fast here and the little squirmy English dude from Underworld. Fast had to light him up. Luckily no one tried to sue him. But it was really good to actually be in a festival with the Korns, the Marilyn Mansons, and the Holes. I thought it was really great." [28.8 RealVideo][/article]

Spokespeople for Underworld had no comment about the Aussie incidents.

As for the Fun Lovin' Criminals, the band has decided to film another version of the video for "Korean Bodega," as the group decided at the last minute that it was unhappy with the first take, which was completed earlier this month (see [article id="1429290"]"Fun Lovin' Criminals Settle 'Bodega' Tab, Announce Spring Tour"[/article]).

FLC plans to shoot the new video in the next few days, after which it will kick off a short promotional tour in Washington,

DC, on February 8.

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