Nick Jonas Gets Undressed In This 'Scream Queens' First Look

If looks could kill, the 'Scream Kings' would slay us all.

Sure, the ladies of "Scream Queens" are fierce, fabulous and 100 percent ***flawless, but the fellas are pretty remarkable, too.

But we don't need to tell you that. Let the men of "Scream Queens" (which premieres tonight!) -- aka the "Scream Kings" -- tell you all about their scene-stealing characters in this hilarious behind-the-scenes video, which MTV News is premiering below. And as an added bonus: Nick Jonas has partially undressed himself for this momentous occasion. We are so #blessed:

Chad (Glen Powell) and Boone (Jonas) belong to the ~prestigious/grossly pretentious~ fraternity, the Dickie Dollar Scholars. Closer than most best bros, Chad and Boone share some pretty intimate scenes togethers. But just so we're clear, if Nick Jonas wants to spoon you in the middle of the night, YOU DO IT. #Hugs.

Meanwhile, Pete (Diego Boneta) is the handsome outsider of the group. He's over Greek Life and is now laser-focused on solving a grisly string on murders on campus.

We wish we were more concerned about the Red Devil killer, but tbh, we can't be bothered to care when Nick Jonas is on screen.

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