9 Celebs Who Are Completely Poké-Clueless

Wake up and smell the Koffing, guys

At this point, it needs to be acknowledged that Pokémon Go has taken over the world and everyone seems to be trying to be their very best to catch ’em all. Except some celebs apparently don’t know what Pokémon and/or Pokémon Go actually is — even though there’s a whole bunch of them that know the pocket monsters have been around since the ’90s.

How do people live in 2016 and NOT know about Pikachu, Pokéballs, and Team Rocket?! Are they simply trolling us? Maybe after they see the upcoming live-action movie starring Detective Pikachu it’ll all make sense.

Hilary Duff

Hil, you have a 4-year-old child. How could you not know about this phenomenon?

Melissa Joan Hart

Hard to be Clarissa when Clarissa can’t explain it all. Plus, if Salem the cat from Sabrina the Teenage Witch gets ahold of this info, you just know he's gonna have a snappy retort.

Ewan McGregor

Use the force to find out, Obi-Wan.

Leslie Grossman

Lauren from the Amanda Bynes sitcom What I Like About You at least understands how her lack of Pokémon knowledge could be seen as ~irritating~.

David Simon

As the oldest person on this list, the creator of the gritty HBO drama The Wire gets a pass for not knowing what Pokémon Go is.

Kimberly J. Brown

A little bit, TBH. But it’s all right. You’re probably busy right now defeating more Halloweentown creatures who went darkside, so we’ll forgive you, Marnie Piper!

Zachary Quinto

"I literally do not know what Pokémon is," the Star Trek Beyond actor confessed, while costars Chris Pine and Sofia Boutella muttered “Pikachu” over and over again.

Austin Butler



MTV’s own Shannara Chronicles star admitted during the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con that he didn’t know what Pokémon Go was. “I’m very, very out of the loop on this,” he confessed. His Poké chat starts around the 2:35 mark.

Lisa Foiles

OK, OK. The former All That star is clearly trolling Pokémon fans, so fingers crossed everyone else on this list is as well.