'Teen Wolf' Sneak Peek: Next Week's Episode Will Be A BEAST

Get an inside look at La Bête from back in the day -- plus Crystal Reed's special cameo!

Way to leave us hanging, Teen Wolf writers! (Westilloveyou.)

This week's episode was one big WTF when it came to The Beast — so many questions! Okay, just one, really: WHO?! Here's hoping next week's flashback into 18th-century France can shed some light on this La Bête business.

According to the Argents,* The Beast is only getting smarter and stronger with each frequency-induced transformation. It yearns for its true identity. Not the successful teenage chimera behind its glowing eyes — the 17th century man it once was. Perhaps the Maid of Gévaudan (*cough* Crystal Reed alert!) can shed some light? Sneak peek numero uno:

Our fear is that The Beast might just be more than Scott & Co. can handle. Not only is it evil of mind and spirit (cue Deucalion, the Darach, the Oni and every other Beacon Hills bad guy), the creature is huge. MASSIVE. And it is capable of destroying everything in its path. Hello, sneak peek numero dos:

Got any more insight for us on La Bête? Comment with your thoughts, and catch the highly anticipated episode in full on Tuesday at 9/8c.

*But can we really trust an old man who eats small flowers for dinner?

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