John Green Is Too Stoked For Words After His Big 'Fault' Win: Watch

So gratitude, much happy, very win, wow.

How excited was John Green after "The Fault in Our Stars" claimed the MTV Movie Awards for Best Female Performance, Best Kiss, and the coveted big win for Movie of the Year?

So excited that he couldn't quite express his feelings in complete, articulate sentences! Keeping in mind that the man works with words for a living, so that's kind of a big deal.

MTV News caught up with Green, along with "The Fault in Our Stars" director Josh Boone and supporting actor Nat Wolff, right after the MTV Movie Awards ceremony. And while the author rambled a bit, being so overcome with the emotional high of victory and all, his gratitude came through loud and clear.

"You write a book and you never imagine that anything like that could happen," Green said of the "Fault" movie and its amazing showing at the Movie Awards.

And Nat Wolff, who unexpectedly became a household name thanks to his supporting role as Isaac, said, "I just thought we were making this little movie about a couple characters, this really personal story. It ended up touching so many people and being such a massive hit, and I'm so lucky."

However, being grateful didn't stop Green from wishing that "Fault" had won just one more award -- for Best Scared as S**t Performance. Nevermind that it's not a horror movie; Willem Dafoe as a drunken expatriate douchebag was way scarier than "The Boy Next Door," am I right?

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