The Bellas Keep The Squad Alive With These Aca-mazing Pics From 'Pitch Perfect 3'

But where are the Treblemakers?

Two weeks ago, Anna Kendrick told the world the Barden Bellas were back in business, beginning production on the anticipated Pitch Perfect 3. Not too long after, Hailee Steinfeld, who joined the team in Pitch Perfect 2, revealed she's still part of the new film, even though she wasn't in Kendrick's group shot.

While we still have to wait until December (ugh) before everyone's favorite a capella group (sorry, Pentatonix) returns to theaters, these aca-mazing pics and videos will tide us over until then.

And if you're wondering where the Treblemakers are, we have some bad news for ya. Skylar Astin confessed on Twitter he and his squad aren't going to be in the film, since the producers "seem to be taking the story in a different direction." Aca-scuse me?!

Get ready for the Bellas to get their roller skating on.

"No one yelled out 'Attempt to look like a 1995 Spice Girls poster!!'" Brittany Snow (Chloe) joked, posting a similar pic.

And prep for more of Elizabeth Banks (Gail) and John Michael Higgins (John)'s tit-for-tat snarkiness.

Though Banks isn't directing the third film anymore, she's still reprising her role as Gail, the "I-Will-Not-Stand-For-Your-Meninist-Quips" announcer. As of Wednesday (January 18), Higgins confirmed he'll be reprising his role as well.

The Bellas are no strangers to Snapchat filters.

And will gladly dance to Bruno Mars's "24K Magic" while snappin'.

Hana Mae Lee (Lilly) and Ester Dean (Cynthia) also goof off with filters, sans Bruno Mars.

Moreover, the gals are doing something called a "Polaroid Party," sharing weekly polaroids during filming.

Chrissie Fit (Flo) and Lee know this movie "will be more difficult, les-b-honest," but they're clearly bringing their A-game.

Steinfeld teases her character Emily workin' in the recording studio.

And Rebel Wilson (Fat Amy) gives us a taste of the ~dangers~ of stunt training

Never change, Rebel. Never change.