Jet May Be Morbidly Obese By The Time Their Next Album Comes Out

Bassist Mark Wilson said he plans to get 'extremely fat' during break.

Jet are planning to take a lengthy break from the limelight, and when they resurface, you might not recognize them.

"I will start my regimen to get extremely fat, 'cause I got a couple months off," said bass player Mark Wilson. "I want to be one of those guys who they have to take the front of their house off and get a crane in and put them in the back of a flatbed truck 'cause they're too big to fit in the ambulance. That's my goal in life."

When he's not busy expanding his waistline, Wilson will also be working with the rest of the band to enlarge Jet's song catalog as they go into the studio to begin work on their sophomore album (see [article id="1490817"]"Jet Plan Next LP, DVD; Diss Jessica And Britney"[/article]).

For the past year, Jet have been touring behind their highly successful debut, Get Born, which catapulted the Australian quartet into the mainstream with the irresistibly catchy "Are You Gonna Be My Girl."

Hook-laden singles "Cold Hard Bitch" and "Rollover D.J." followed suit (see [article id="1489536"]"Jet Denounce Dance-Club DJs On New Single"[/article]), and while the toe-tapping, can't-get-it-out-of-your-head tempo of the songs made them hits with sold-out crowds on tour, the band naturally started to feel the itch to play new material.

"We've been playing these songs for many years -- even before the album was recorded, 'cause these were the songs we got our deal with," said Wilson. "We've been touring for a long time, and after you've been doing it for a while, all you want to do is write new songs and record new songs."

"If we had new songs to play," added guitarist Cameron Muncey, "it would be really nice."

The band's primary songwriters, brothers Nic (guitar/vocals) and Chris Cester (drums/vocals), must have gotten Muncey's memo because the band plans to head into the studio after it arrives home in Australia to play the final gig supporting Get Born.

Jet will have to write almost an entire album's worth of new songs first, though, since they're not the kind of group to compose on the road.

"We don't write much when we're touring," said Wilson. "Some bands can't write on the road 'cause you write a lot of ballads like, 'I miss my girlfriend and I want to go home.' "

The trek hasn't been all mellow contemplation and homesickness, though. Along the way they met the Rolling Stones, learned about subtle differences between Australia and the U.S. ("Wow," Muncey said. "People talk differently!"), and almost got their bassist deported when Nic accidentally took Wilson's passport through customs, leaving him to wait in a guarded cell for four hours.

Before they get off the road and onto the couch, Jet will release a DVD called "Family Style" on November 23, featuring a full Jet concert filmed in London and what Muncey calls a "documentary of us driving around in a van in England."

"It's just us beginning, basically," said Wilson, which makes for a fitting end.

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