'Jersey Shore' Newcomer Deena Says Stripping For The Situation Was 'Such An Accident'!

There were so many crazy moments from last night's premiere of "Jersey Shore," from Sammi Sweetheart's evil villain laugh to Ronnie's big blow up to Snooki's confrontation with Vinny in the hot tub, it was hard to choose which one made us most grateful for the gang's return to Seaside Heights.

But, in the end, there was one moment that truly trumped them all and that honor belonged to "Jersey Shore" newbie Deena Nicole Cortese! In the midst of an intoxicated search-and-rescue mission for her "lucky hat," Deena and "The Situation" wind up alone together and well, you guessed it, there was something of a situation. Deena explains to Sitch that she looks cute in just her bikini and the cowboy hat. Only, Deena goes a little too far and takes off her bikini bottom during her, uh, fashion show?

MTV's own Jim Cantiello sat down with Deena to get to the bottom (sorry!) of the crazy moment. After Jim brought up the now infamous "nudie patootie" scene, Deena assured, "That was such an accident!"

The pint-sized star, who revealed she was (now kids don't try this at home!) incredibly drunk, then explained, "I wanted to show just my bikini [to "The Situation"] so I take off my dress, not realizing my bottoms were not there anymore! It came down with my dress! That's when you hear me go, like, 'Oh no, not the bikini!'"

It doesn't seem like the moment phased Deena too much, though. While she did say it was "embarrassing" the newcomer then shrugged it off with an, "Oh well! It was kinda funny...I laughed!" We think it's safe to say a lot of people did!

What did you think about last night's "Jersey Shore" premiere?

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