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Jennifer Lopez Features Lil Wayne On Next Single

'I'm Into You' will be next single off Love? album, which still has no release date.

Steven Tyler isn't the only "American Idol" judge trying to make the most of a double dose of weekly prime-time exposure on TV's biggest reality show. While [article id="1657551"]Aerosmith's back catalog[/article] has gotten a boost thanks to its prominent placement on "Idol," fellow judge Jennifer Lopez has parlayed her spot on the program into the highest-charting single of her career with [article id="1659178"]"On the Floor."[/article]

And over the weekend, she revealed that she's got a strong follow-up single ready to go. Speaking with fans during an online chat on Saturday, Lopez revealed that she's finished a song called "I'm Into You" with Lil Wayne that will be the next single from her still unscheduled Love? album.

"My next single I believe will be a song called 'I'm Into You' and it's going to feature Lil Wayne, so look out for that," she said. Asked to name her favorite rapper, Lopez said it used to be Nas, but that these days she's really feeling Weezy, whom she called a "very unique" and "fresh" voice. "Plus he's on my single!"

And though J.Lo did not have a specific release date to announce for the album, she said it would "probably" come out in late May, once two or three singles have hit radio. That would be perfect timing, of course, since "Idol" wraps in mid-May. Lopez, who has toured sporadically during her music career, also said that she planned to launch a world tour in support of Love?. Over the course of the two years she worked on the new album, Lopez said she also recorded Spanish-language versions of some of the songs, and plans to release a full-length Spanish album next.

Asked what the hardest part of being a [article id="1659181"]judge on "Idol" this season[/article] has been so far, Lopez said, "I didn't expect that it would be such an emotional roller coaster for me." She also admitted that saying goodbye to the departing contestants has been very difficult for her.

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