Is Sully Just An 'Awkward' Party Girl, Or Is She A Dangerous Liability?

Matty’s new girlfriend might seem harmless, but she’s been getting the gang in a bind or two.

The good news: With the help of his new girlfriend Sully, Matty McKibben has managed to overcome his doldrums and have some summer fun.

The bad news: Staying with Sully might earn Matty early admission into the closest rehab facility.

Since the Awkward gang’s return to Palos Hills for summer break, Sully, Matty’s fellow Berkeley undergrad, has offered some much-needed levity but often at the expense of everyone around her: She made a messy scene at the season’s first party and was booted from Sadie’s buttoned-up birthday bash after intentionally breaking a champagne bottle on the dance floor. On tonight’s episode, Jenna finally had enough, especially after Sully’s suggestion to illegally ring in the Fourth of July at the country club’s 16th hole. The plan immediately put Jake’s club manager job at risk, and Jenna vowed to confront Matty.


But once the gang committed to the plan (sans Jake) and the night went off without a hitch, Jenna got reason to believe that Sully was mostly harmless. Sure, Sully spent most waking hours in a “perma-buzz,” as Jenna and Tamara put it, but she seemed to genuinely want to make Matty happy, and the few bumps in the road seemed relatively inconsequential.

“Sully’s really cool,” Jenna finally conceded to Matty as the sun came up the morning after the fireworks. “You two are a good match.”

Sadly, Sully’s plan ultimately did get Jake fired from the club, but if the waters are otherwise placid, could it have been worth the collateral damage?

What do you think: Is Sully innocuous fun, or is it only a matter of time before she does some irreversible harm to Matty and his friends? Share your thoughts, and be sure to catch the next Awkward episode next Tuesday night at 10/9c!