Artist To Watch: Ty Dolla $ign Is Making Waves

The 'Beach House' singer is on a perpetual hot streak.

Ty Dolla $ign has already taught the world how to "Drop That Kitty" and he's gearing up to show us even more.

The South Central-raised singer is making a name for himself with eyebrow raising lyrics and risqué anthems for the club (and the beach). Here's what you need to know about one of Southern Cali's rising stars.

Who He Is

The Taylor Gang affiliate - born Tyrone William Griffin Jr. on April 13, 1985 - is an R&B star who plays several instruments. Music, after all, runs in the family. His father was a member of Lakeside, a funk band and one of his uncles reportedly performed with The Isley Brothers.

But, Ty isn't just relying on his roots to grow. Instead, he's making his own lane in a rap-infused R&B market. Perhaps this versatility is what's allowed him to become a hit machine for himself and others, giving us plenty of hits.

What You Should Listen To

Ty appears to have quite a Midas touch so there's plenty to listen to. From YG’s “Toot It And Boot It” - a cut that kicked the door down (for both artists) - to "My Cabana" and Chris Brown’s “Loyal,” he's been on a tear. You add “Paranoid” and "Drop That Kitty" to that list and you have enough bangers to make any hit-maker jealous.

If lengthier projects are more your flavor, then reach for his Beach House series. The mixtapes laid the foundation, but the EP brought it all together. His $ign Language effort followed and, like the EP, featured a series of slappers, major guests and a penchant for the bold and brash lines he's become known for.

Why You Should Listen

Ty represents a no-holds-barred approach to R&B. Much like Nate Dogg before him, Dolla has a hip-hop-inspired steez and he isn’t afraid to get ultra raunchy. But beyond that, $ign knows how to craft hits. His infectious hooks will replay in your mind long after a song has ended.

What’s Next

Although Ty has been working hard on projects for himself and fellow artists alike, he still doesn't have a proper studio debut album. The singer has been crafting the project for some time now, one that he says is "coming $oon." In the meantime, we'll just keep bobbing our heads to the hits he's given us while watching out for what's sure to be another hit-making move.

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