‘The Stakes’: Crossroads

Another week, another (sort of) political podcast

Welcome to “The Stakes.” This week we’ll be taking you to the intersection of civil rights, fashion, identity, and ... comics? Coming up:

Part 1: Jamil Smith sits down with Democratic Congressman John Lewis of Georgia to talk about the final book in his graphic memoir trilogy March, about his time in the civil rights movement. (You can check out a fuller version of this interview, along with images from March itself, here.)

Part 2: MTV News style editor Haley Mlotek speaks with fashion designer and U.S. Army first lieutenant Julian Woodhouse about how his identity influences his fashion.

Part 3: Hannah Stoudemire tells us why she needed to organize a Black Lives Matter protest at her own industry’s New York Fashion Week.

Part 4: MTV News correspondent Gaby Wilson takes us on a tour of the museum at FIT’s exhibit on the history and transmutation of uniforms.

Part 5: Our poet-in-residence Marcus Ellsworth leaves us with a lullaby for the baby Donald Trump kicked out of his rally.

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