'Batman Eternal #41' Post-Game: A New Hero Emerges

Writer Kyle Higgins breaks down all the big events in "Batman Eternal #41."

Each week, MTV News is breaking down the big moments in DC Comics' "Batman Eternal," the weekly series that is redefining Gotham City as we know it.

This week, we talked to writer Kyle Higgins about the emergence of a brand new hero -- though one that frequent readers will find very familiar.

MTV News: So how does this nano virus work? We’ve got the weird Abyss/snakey things in the air, and the glowing eyes… What is it, or have we yet to find out?

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Kyle Higgins: This issue should give a little bit of clarity on the virus—this iteration of it, at least. It’s a more advanced version of the technology he’s always used in his hats. It was created by the Mad Hatter for a very specific purpose in Gotham. Now, though, the Hatter has audibled, and wants to use it to take over the minds of the city in order to remake Gotham to love him.

MTV: Red Robin gives Harper a “pep” talk about not putting on a mask until she’s ready. How irreversible is the decision, really? And at this point, is it even a choice for her?

Higgins: I think the allure of the mask is powerful. And I think, once you head down the path of wearing one and fighting crime… it’s hard to break away. Tim’s point is that he doesn’t want her rushing into things. Be sure of what you want.

MTV: I think this is the first time we see Batgirl in her new costume! What led to the decision to sync Eternal up to current continuity? Do you guys have a timeline somewhere?

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Higgins: It’s one of the things that came up in our planning session last year. I think we all agree that any opportunity to make the Bat universe feel cohesive is important, especially with a book like Eternal that stars damn near every Bat character. With a weekly book, sometimes it’s hard to tee up what’s going on in the other books that these characters appear in, but we do our best!

MTV: Will Spoiler ever get to take that bath?

Higgins: Weeks of crime fighting in the same costume? God knows she probably needs it!

MTV: Mad Hatter says he’s not behind, so much as on top. Does that me he is the ultimate bad guy? Or just making a hat pun?

Higgins: Total Hat pun. Sorry (laughs)

MTV: Assuming Hatter isn’t the ultimate Big Bad, starting to put the pieces together we have someone – or someones – who seems to be targeted the less affluent parts of Gotham… Destroying infrastructure, taking over poor kids. I’m guessing this isn’t entirely random, and perhaps points us toward that ultimate evil?

Higgins: We’re literally finishing the last issues right now, where all will be revealed. So, I’m not going to spill the beans this close to the end BUT… I can say you’re definitely on the right track.

MTV: So most of the Bat-family is gone now. This is bad, right? Like, real bad?

Higgins: Not for the Mad Hatter!

MTV: What was it like writing Harper’s suiting up sequence?

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Higgins: Honestly? It was pretty cool. She’s a fun character, with a great look. To be able to introduce her on the page like this was an honor.

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