'Teen Mom 2' Proposal: Did Jenelle Know David Was Going To Pop The Question?

The mother of three opened up to MTV News about the couple's engagement

Jenelle memorably shared back in February that she and David "decided on forever" -- and in less than two months, they will be married. But during this week's episode, Teen Mom 2 viewers got an up-close look at David posing the big query to Jenelle. But did the mother of three know when Baby Ensley's dad was going to ask for her hand in marriage?


"I had no idea," Jenelle recently told MTV News, even though the lovebirds had discussed possible sparkler styles.

"He looked for four months [for a ring] before he even proposed," she revealed. "He said he was going to propose when we got the house, but then he wanted to make it more special than that. That's when he decided to do it during one random weekend in the mountains."

Another surprise: The TM2 crew.


"He was like, 'Did you know that I picked up the microphones like on the trail so I could put it on?'" she stated about her beau's sly maneuver in the middle of their hike. "But I didn't see him do that. I didn't see the cameras until he bent down to propose and then we bent down, since he's so tall -- then I saw everyone over his shoulder. I was speechless."

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