Cam'ron Wants To Make Vado A 'Mega Superstar'

'Speaking in Tungs' duo have finished 'Boss of All Bosses 3,' Cam reveals.

When Vado emerged on Hot 97's Summer Jam stage Sunday performing his Cam'ron-assisted single "Speaking in Tungs," it was clear that the Tri-State area had love. But with a major-label deal with [article id="1660872"]Interscope Records[/article] firmly in place, Cam is hoping his protégé gets more than just hometown support.

"It was great, but we still have a lot more work to do," the Dipset CEO said backstage at Summer Jam. "I appreciate everybody showing him love, and he's hot, but he hasn't even put an album out yet. I want to do three, four, five albums and come back and talk."

Since making a name for himself on Cam's 2009 Boss of All Bosses mixtape and its 2010 follow-up, Boss of All Bosses 2, Vado has become a fan favorite thanks to last year's "Speaking in Tungs" -- the stand-out single off the Harlem rap rookie's retail mixtape, Slime Flu. Still, Cam insists that his vision for Vado is much bigger.

"I think it's still early. I'm happy he got his deal, I'm happy everybody's aware of him, I'm happy he's turned into a superstar, but I want to make him into a mega, mega superstar," he said.

Next up is Killa and Vado's Boss of All Bosses 3, the third installment in the duo's famed mixtape series. While the first two BOAB recordings were available for free online, Cam is planning a retail release for the latest mixtape, which will drop on Fontana, Universal Music's independent arm and be out this summer, according to Cam.

"The Boss of All Bosses 3 that me and Vado did is done," he revealed. "It's coming out in stores through Fontana, so we're just trying to get the date locked in, but it's done."

Will Vado become a "mega superstar"? Sound off below!