Jemmye's Paralyzing Fear Of Ketchup Leads To The Oddest 'Challenge' Quarrel Yet [Video]


Watching an ex flirt with someone else right in front of your face is rough, but composure is the benchmark of maturity. Sadly, Knight isn't one for grown-up behavior, and after he caught his former GF Jemmye innocently playing around with Leroy on last night's "Rivals II," he rifled through the skeletons in her closet until he remembered her INSANE fear of ketchup, and used the phobia against her, smearing the condiment all over her face in hopes of getting a rise out of her. Bet she's regretting letting that one slip during pillow talk.

"One thing I can do to get her away from me without hurting her is put ketchup on her," Knight says in the clip below, before chasing Jemmye around with a bottle of the red, goopy stuff. After a breakdown and a shouting match, Jemmye calls Knight out for taking his jealousy out in such an immature way. "He's mad 'cause I don't want his lame ass," she insists. And when everyone tries to understand why the tomato product elicits such a visceral reaction from her, she shouts through tears, "NOBODY KNOWS HOW I FEEL ABOUT KETCHUP!" Jemmye, may we suggest you watch a few episodes of "My Food Obsession"? They know how you feel. They know.

Check out the clips and let us know if this incident deserves a spot on Knight's list of offenses!

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