‘Speed Dial,’ Episode 15: Joanne The Supermodel

Also discussed: the trash that is Anthony Weiner and the glory of Colin Kaepernick

Hello Speed Dialers! Ira Madison III and Doreen St. Félix return with another episode of “Speed Dial with Ira and Doreen,” MTV’s bicoastal podcast about music, pop culture, sex, and race.

Ira and Doreen are joined by Natasha Nyanin, culture writer and host of the series The Ecstatic Flash. They discuss pop star fashion at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards and how Joanne Prada scammed her way into high fashion. They answer a “Feedback” question about how to be a functional human being after Beyoncé's earth-shattering performance. Then: Anthony Weiner's up to his old games again, and your Speed Dial hosts read him for filth. Ira and Doreen then discuss the backlash against Colin Kaepernick's peaceful protest and the hypocrisy of white fans, black male athletes, and the NFL establishment.

Introducing “Feedback,” Speed Dial’s advice hotline! Have a question you want Ira and Doreen to answer? Leave them a voicemail at 424-354-9335. And check out “Speed Dial With Ira and Doreen” here on SoundCloud or subscribe on iTunes.

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