Travis McCoy On Katy Perry's Cake Dive: 'She Did It On Purpose!'

Gym Class Heroes frontman also discusses possible collaborations with Perry, the Roots.

Like most of the world, Travis McCoy watched Katy Perry's Los Premios run-in with a Quinceañera cake on the Internet.

Unlike most of the world, he had some insight into the situation. You know, because he's dating Perry and all. And according to him, what appeared to be one gigantic, frosting-fueled mistake was actually a very calculated way of capping off her already over-the-top performance. Or something like that.

Of course, it's not just Perry's cake-filled shenanigans that McCoy has been addressing lately. There are also the whispers that the two are planning some sort of collaboration, and while McCoy admits that might be the case, it most certainly won't be of the singing variety.

"This is Travvie and Katy, not Sonny and Cher, you know? I've been producing some stuff lately, and she's the only person I play it for. So maybe I'll produce some stuff for her, but we won't be doing any duets anytime soon," he laughed. "She's definitely got an ear, though, so I'll make some beats and I'll e-mail them to her and get her vibe. She'll hit be back, 'I love this one,' or, 'This one could use this or that.'

"When she was recording her record she'd send me songs, and when we were making our record I'd send her songs," he continued. "So she sent me a demo of 'I Kissed a Girl,' and we were on tour, and I was playing it during our changeover, just watching the kids react. So she came out to one of our shows, and the song came out and she flipped out, like, 'What are you doing playing that?' and I took her to the side of the stage so she could watch the crowd react. And now, well, she's huge."

But a Perry collabo isn't the only thing in the cards for McCoy and his Gym Class Heroes. They're currently on tour with [article id="1592531"]the Roots[/article], and McCoy hopes to get something on tape with them before their jaunt wraps in early November.

"They've been a huge inspiration to us since we were kids — Illadelph Halflife and Do You Want More?!!??! and all the records since then. ... They're legendary masters, and I think a little bit of the Roots is rubbing off on Gym Class," McCoy said. "We're almost halfway through the tour, so I'm sure us and the Roots are gonna collaborate before the show's up. I mean, we've gotta."

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