The Stories Liberals Tell Themselves

There's room for metaphor and even escapism in the ways we talk about politics, but the real world is there waiting for us

The GOP Didn’t Fail — Conservatism Did

Trump isn’t successful because he’s conservative. He’s successful because he’s not.

To Distance Itself From Trump, the GOP Should Consider Merrick Garland

President Obama's Supreme Court nominee has been waiting for more than 200 days

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Communists, corn dogs, and total immersion in the most exhausting presidential election in modern history

The Trump Channel Vs. The Cruz Show

Since no one is talking about how to fix any actual problems, let's ponder which theatrical style will win over the GOP in the next four years.

Ted Cruz Is The Last Man Standing

On the one man in Cleveland with any goddang sense.

Winners And Losers: RNC Meltdown Edition

USS Trump takes a cruz missile to its hull, and other disasters

From The Desk Of Jeb! Bush: Dear Donald

Let me help you with that.

The Joke That Ate The GOP

Fear, laughter, and Donald Trump at the California GOP convention

Social Conservatives Aren't Retreating — They're Regrouping

Ted Cruz's loss won't change the minds of these supporters anytime soon.

MTV Fauxsclusive: Ted Cruz's New Venture

Lick those lips

Real Winners And Losers: Indiana Idioteque

Bye, Ted.

The Killer Inside Me

I can't hate Ted Cruz — we have too much in common.

Ted Cruz Did A Thing That Doesn't Matter And I'm Pretending to Care

Here I am, caring so much

Behind The Scenes Of The Unprecedented And Absurd Cruz-Kasich Collaboration

This is totally gonna work.

The Unbearable Lightness of 13.9 Trillion Dollars

How you should think about running up the national debt, accompanied by assorted photographs of running animals

Hot The Election

Polls down / glo up / that's the way we like to —

The Situation Room: Ted Cruz All Up In Your Rights

Girl, are you Ted Cruz, because I am now dead inside.

Ted Cruz's Revenge Of The Nerd

The GOP’s enemy of its enemy is not its friend

Discourse Fatigue And The Unanswerable Gesture

How American politics turned into a dream.

Ted Cruz Is No Anti-Trump

Neither represents the future of the GOP -- they’re its end

John Kasich's Dream

In the dim half-basement of a split-level ranch house, a man dreams of simpler times.

The Encyclopedia Of Ted Cruz's Pop Culture References

He's a fan. Really.

What Will Happen In Cleveland When The Republicans Arrive?

Whether or not it does, I'm worried about my hometown.