'Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past': Payback, By Kurt Loder

Matthew McConaughey stars, Emma Stone takes over.

Jennifer Garner, Matthew McConaughey Talk 'Girlfriends Past' Action

'You have to do it like you're doing an action movie,' McConaughey says of filming the rom-com.

Will Juno Fit In With Ferris Bueller, Jeff Spicoli, Other Memorable Movie Teens?

'I can only dream that Juno would make it into the pantheon with Ferris,' director Jason Reitman says of his new flick's title character.

'The Kingdom': Terror Tourists, By Kurt Loder

Even Jamie Foxx can't redeem a standard action flick with simple-minded political pretensions.

The Rock Could Conquer 'The Kingdom,' In Projection Booth

Jamie Foxx and Jennifer Garner's actioner hardly stands a chance against Disney's heartwarming fare.

'Epic Movie' Tops 'Smokin' Aces'; 'Blood' Has Little Box-Office Bite

Spoof unseats 'Stomp the Yard'; 'Catch and Release' makes the top five.

Movie File: 'Departed' Trilogy, Jennifer Garner, Steve Carell & More

Martin Scorsese considers prequel, sequel to cop drama; Garner spills the beans about hush-hush project.

Movie File: Jamie Foxx, Michael Mann, 'Fletch' Prequel, Jason Statham & More

Foxx, Mann reunite — again; Zach Braff may fill Chevy Chase's shoes; Statham hopes to squeeze in sequels.

Ben Affleck And A Pregnant Jennifer Garner Tie The Knot

Couple married on Wednesday.

Jennifer Garner To Star In Supernatural Japanese Thriller

Actress to extend Asian-export trend with 'Ghost'-like 'Be With You.'

Movie File: Ryan Reynolds, 'Napoleon Dynamite,' Xzibit, Mark Wahlberg, The Rock, Ridley Scott & More

'Amityville' star will don the Flash's red unitard — if he gets the green light.

Jackson's 'Coach Carter' Is The Week's Box-Office Champ

'Meet the Fockers' slips to #2.

Golden Globes Fashion: The Dashing, The Dull And The Desperate

Portia de Rossi is night's big winner — on the red carpet at least.

'Elektra': At Least Ben Affleck's Not In It, By Kurt Loder

There's a skeleton of a cool fantasy story here, but the clatter and clunk of its fleshless bones is dispiriting.

Rewind: How On Earth Did 'Daredevil' Manage To Beget 'Elektra'?

Comic-book and sci-fi movies are more likely to spawn a spinoff — not that those efforts have always been successful.

At 'Elektra' Premiere, Jennifer Garner Shows She's 'Ready To Get Back On The Horse'

Actress never lost her smile at Saturday event.

Usher, 'Fahrenheit,' 'Passion,' 'Shrek 2' Win Big At People's Choice Awards

'Shrek 2' takes five awards in fan-driven contest.

Jennifer Garner's Injury Now Said To Be Nerve Damage

'Alias' actress had originally been diagnosed with a viral infection.

Jennifer Garner Suffering From Viral Infection, Could Miss 'Elektra' Premiere

Actress has been forced to cancel all public appearances for the week.

Movie File: Britney Spears, Jennifer Garner, Jamie Foxx, Eddie Griffin & More

Singer tried out for Naomi Watts' part in 'I Heart Huckabees.'

Elektra's New Costume: Hot, But Not Too Hot

Jennifer Garner's new getup is more like comic-book rendition, but still family-friendly.

Movie File: Elijah Wood, Reese Witherspoon, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Garner & More

'Lord of the Rings' star heading off to Texas to work on 'Sin City.'

Movie File: Scarlett Johansson, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Garner, Adam Sandler, Will Ferrell & More

'Lost in Translation' star joins cast of 'Mission: Impossible 3.'

Denzel Tops Jennifer Garner In Box-Office Squeaker

Race so tight that ranking could change once final grosses are in.