'X-Men: The Last Stand': Mutant Strain, By Kurt Loder

A state-of-the-CGI action movie ... and a little bit of a disappointment.

Also: Ray Winstone stars in 'The Proposition,' a brutal, poetic Down Under Western.

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Storm finally causes real damage, fans put words in Juggernaut's mouth and more.

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'Old School 2' in the works; Heath Ledger, Michelle Williams in talks for Dylan film; Halle moves on from mutants.

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Director insists he'll deliver movie on time — with Berry and Jackman.

'X-Men 3' Looking For Director #3

Matthew Vaughn, Bryan Singer both bailed on the film.

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No word yet on whether Bill Murray will return to voice the CGI feline.

Movie File: 'Transformers' Movie, Amanda Bynes, Halle Berry, Jamie Lynn Spears, Jessica Alba & More

Action specialist Michael Bay directing live-action toy flick.

Holy Franchises, Batman! Superhero Sequels Galore On The Way

New info released on "X-Men 3," "Superman Returns" and "Spider-Man 3."

'The Ring Two' #1 At Box Office; 'Robots' Slips To Second

Sequel pulls in $36 million, outrunning animated film's $21.8 million take.

Halle Berry, Amanda Bynes, Robin Williams Roll Out For 'Robots' Premiere

Ewan McGregor, Harland Williams, real robot also turn out.

Reel To Real: The Answers To Five Burning Oscar Questions

How did certain actors in the audience really feel about Chris Rock's spiel?

Halle Berry Slams 'Catwoman' At Razzie Awards

'I want to thank Warner Bros. for casting me in this piece-of-[excrement] movie,' actress says at anti-awards ceremony.

The Oscars Party: An Inside Look

More celebrities than are in Paris Hilton's Sidekick turn out for annual Vanity Fair party.

Movie File: P. Diddy, Keira Knightley, Angelina Jolie, Lisa Kudrow, Halle Berry

Puffy developing heist action-comedy to star in and produce.

Britney Spears And Hilary Duff Got Acting Nominations? Oh, Right, For That ...

Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry also among the unfortunate actresses to be nominated for the Golden Raspberry.

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New director, screenwriter on board for 'Order of the Phoenix,' due in 2007.

Rewind: The Character Of Catwoman Has Had More Than Nine Lives

Halle Berry stars in latest interpretation of feline fatale.

'Catwoman' Should Be Worse, 'Bourne' Supreme, 'Darko' Thankfully Back, By Kurt Loder

It's not a good sign when you find yourself wishing a movie had the vulgar pizzazz of something a little bit worse.

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'Catwoman' star will voice a 'bot in the upcoming animated film 'Robots.'

For The Record: Quick News On Ludacris, Radiohead, 50 Cent, Halle Berry, 311 And The Roots, Perry Farrell & More

Movie File: Halle Berry, Dustin Hoffman, Ben Stiller, Amanda Peet, Kate Beckinsale, Sean Penn & More

Halle Berry Eager To Dig Her Claws Into 'Catwoman'

Comic book flick carries tentative July 2004 release date.

Halle Berry Takes Horror Cues From Dear Old Mom In 'Gothika'

Supernatural film, in which she plays a criminal psychologist, set for release in October.