'Sparkle': The Reviews Are In!

Though critics have less-than-sparkling opinions about the remake, they praise Whitney Houston's final performance.

'Sparkle' Cast 'Part Of The Present' Whitney Houston Left Behind

'There's a little bit of her character in each one of us,' actress Tika Sumpter tells MTV News alongside Houston's castmates.

'Captain America 2': What We Know So Far

Disney has announced a release date in April 2014, but what else can we predict about Cap's return to the big screen?

'Captain America' Crushes 'Harry Potter' At Box Office

'The First Avenger' rakes in $65.8 million, while final 'Potter' slides to #2.

'Captain America: The First Avenger': The Reviews Are In!

Film should give 'Harry Potter' a run for its money this weekend.

'Captain America' Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need to Know

We've been following 'The First Avenger' since it was first announced.

'Captain America' Is For The Ladies Too, Stars Say

'We do a really good job establishing a romance,' Chris Evans offers as a reason female moviegoers should check out 'The First Avenger.'

'Avengers' Director Joss Whedon Is 'So Clever,' Chris Evans Says

'He's a great guy to be quarterbacking this thing,' the 'Captain America' star tells MTV News.

'Captain America' Clip: Chris Evans Is Skinny But Heroic

Evans himself presents exclusive sneak peek on MTV and MTV.com.

Chris Evans Says Iron Man Would Beat Captain America In A Fight

'Captain America' star opened up in rapid-fire Twitter session with MTV News' Josh Horowitz.

Chris Evans' 'Captain America' Suit Was 'Not Comfortable'

'First Avenger' star will talk iconic costumes and more tonight on 'MTV First' at 7:57 p.m. ET on MTV and MTV.com.

Chris Evans Will Answer Your Questions On 'MTV First: Captain America'

The First Avenger himself will present an exclusive clip on MTV and MTV.com next Thursday at 7:56 p.m

'Captain America' Trailer: Five Cool Moments

Take a closer look at the super-soldier as we break down the upcoming action movie's first full trailer.

Tyler Perry's Mother, Willie Maxine Perry, Dies

Filmmaker has cited his mom as the inspiration for his Madea character.

Jonas Brothers Are No Match For 'Madea' At The Box Office

The pop stars' '3D Concert Experience' couldn't break Tyler Perry's hold on #1.

'Notorious' Gets Seal Of Approval From Biggie Friend Dream Hampton

'A lot of that stuff came out pretty good,' hip-hop writer says of movie.

'Notorious' Exclusive Clip: Biggie Is Born

The MC decides to put all his energy into hip-hop after doing time for dealing drugs.

'Notorious' Writer Responds To Lil' Kim's Accusations

Screenwriter Reggie Rock Bythewood says Kim saw an early version of the script.

'Notorious' Premiere Afterparty: Like A Scene Out Of Biggie's Life

Diddy, Faith Evans, Jamal "Gravy" Woolard rock party after biopic's premiere in New York.

'Notorious' Premiere Draws Biggie's Friends And Family

Diddy, Jay-Z, Nas, Faith Evans and more of hip-hop's elite laugh and cry at the biopic's New York screening.

'Notorious' Actress Naturi Naughton Says Playing Lil' Kim Took 'An Adjustment'

Following a rocky audition, the ex-3LW singer 'had to go back home and learn the rhymes.'

'Notorious' Exclusive Clip: Diddy Gets Fired

Star Jamal 'Gravy' Woolard says Biggie and Puff 'build their trust' in the pivotal scene.

'Notorious' Star Jamal 'Gravy' Woolard Says Playing Biggie Was 'Meant To Be'

'I didn't have to meet Big to play Big,' actor/rapper tells MTV News.

'Notorious': Check Out An Exclusive Clip From The Biggie Biopic!

The tension between Big, wife Faith Evans and mistress Lil' Kim is obvious in this scene.