Robert Pattinson Gets 'Cosmopolis' Well-Wishes From Colin Farrell

Farrell, who was in talks for the role, wishes 'Breaking Dawn' star 'all the luck in the world' with his first post-'Twilight' movie.

Jeff Bridges Wins Best Actor Oscar

'Crazy Heart' star beat out George Clooney, Morgan Freeman and others for his first win.

Terry Gilliam Didn't Know 'How To Deal' With Heath Ledger's Death

Director of the actor's final film, 'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus,' remembers the actor's talent.

'Crazy Heart': Going Down Slow, By Kurt Loder

Why Jeff Bridges is suddenly on everybody's Oscar list.

'Pride and Glory': Internal Affairs, By Kurt Loder

Edward Norton and Colin Farrell add some new wrinkles to another urban cop flick.

'Pride And Glory' Star Edward Norton Reveals If 'Hulk' Sequel, 'Fight Club' Musical Are In His Future

'I doubt it'll be me and Brad [Pitt],' actor says of possible musical. 'I know Brad can't sing.'

Jamie Foxx, Colin Farrell Wrestle Box-Office Crown From Johnny Depp

'Miami Vice' earns $25.1 million, nudging 'Pirates' out of #1.

'Miami Vice': Drug Bust, By Kurt Loder

Director Michael Mann returns to the scene of his '80s TV hit, with murky results.

Also: The hilarious 'Little Miss Sunshine' and punk-rock oddity 'Brothers of the Head.'

Foxx, Farrell Perfect Art Of Being Cool In 'Miami Vice'

Stars discuss shower sex scenes, wardrobes, pink flamingos.

Movie File: Colin Farrell, 'Pirates Of The Caribbean 3,' Nick Cannon, Claire Danes, Jena Malone & More

Woody Allen courts wild child; 'At World's End' shooting almost done.

Jessica Simpson, Colin Farrell To Present At MTV Movie Awards

Kevin Spacey, Dane Cook, Amanda Bynes, Samuel L. Jackson will also help announce winners.

Colin Farrell In Rehab For Prescription Drug Addiction

The actor's publicist said the undisclosed medication was prescribed after a back injury.

Colin Farrell Sues To Stop Sex-Tape Distribution

Suit accuses actor's ex-lover of trying to capitalize on 'highly private' video.

'Alexander': Welcome To My Life, By Kurt Loder

Alexander the Great took eight years to conquer the known world. The best that can be said about the movie is that it isn't quite that long.

'Alexander' Premiere: Screaming Fans And Butt-Pinching

Actors recall exhausting, peril-filled shoot.

Movie File: Colin Farrell, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Brad Pitt, Seann William Scott & More

Brosnan's pick for Bond successor wraps 'The New World,' considers 'Miami Vice.'

Movie File: Harrison Ford, Mark Ruffalo, Jon Bon Jovi, Colin Farrell & More

Screenwriter hired for fourth installment of 'Indiana Jones' series.

Movie File: Adam Brody, Gwyneth Paltrow, Colin Farrell, Mena Suvari & More

"The O.C." star joins Meg Ryan for "In the Land of Women."

Colin Farrell Trying To Get Into Alexander's Skin; Angelina Jolie To Join Him

Oliver Stone's Alexander the Great flick to begin shooting in next few months.

Colin Farrell Beats Up Vin Diesel At Box Office

'Phone Booth' #1 with $15 million; 'A Man Apart' #3 with $11.2 million.

Better Late Than Never: Vin Diesel, Colin Farrell Talk Delayed Flicks

'A Man Apart,' 'Phone Booth,' 'What a Girl Wants' open in theaters Friday.