'Twilight Saga: Eclipse' Leads New Teen Choice 2010 Nominees

Film has 17 collective nods; 'Glee' and Miley Cyrus have 13.

'Eclipse' Has 'Good Shot' Of Beating 'New Moon,' Studio Says

Summit Entertainment is optimistic Twilighters will spend summer weekdays in theaters.

'Eclipse' Has Biggest Wednesday-Night Opening Ever

According to early reports, the 'Twilight' movie's first-day take is $65 million, breaking 'Transformers 2' record.

Taylor Lautner Says 'Twilight' Merchandise Can Be 'So Weird'

'I haven't seen anything too crazy,' he tells MTV News.

'Eclipse': The Reviews Are In!

Some reviewers agree with one critic who praised the novelty of a blockbuster saga centered on 'a girl's primal dream of being desired.'

'Eclipse' Fans Swarm Midnight Screenings Across Globe

Theaters from Finland to the Philippines held early screenings of 'Twilight' movie.

'Eclipse' Fans Love Movie's Tent Scene, Faster Pace

Twilighters at the movie's midnight screening call this the best of the three 'Twilight' movies.

'Eclipse' Fans Are More 'Passionate' Than 'Spider-Man' Fans: Bryce Dallas Howard

'I feel, honestly, pressure being part of it, because you don't want to let anyone down,' 'Twilight' star says.

'Eclipse' Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need To Know

If you're not already in line to see the latest 'Twilight Saga' installment, check out these fun facts!

'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse': Vampires Wanted, By Kurt Loder

Third time's not the charm.

'Eclipse' Star Anna Kendrick Wants Role In 'The Hobbit'

'I was and still am obsessed with 'Lord of the Rings,' actress reveals.

Ashley Greene, Kristen Stewart Style Risks Pay Off At 'Eclipse' Premiere

Robert Pattinson deviates from traditional black suit with a maroon Gucci getup.

'Eclipse' Stars Thank Twilighters For 'Beyond Insane' L.A. Premiere

'This energy is always undeniable,' Kristen Stewart tells MTV News on the black carpet.

'Eclipse' Cast Takes Over 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and crew appear on Wednesday's show to promote latest 'Twilight' installment.

'Eclipse' Red-Carpet Premiere To Stream Live On MTV.com!

We'll be reporting from the L.A. red carpet Thursday starting at 9:30 p.m. ET on MTV.com.

Taylor Lautner Calls 'Eclipse' The Most 'Guy-Friendly' 'Twilight' Film

'The romance is still there, but the action level is stepped up way more,' he tells MTV News.

Robert Pattinson Says 'Eclipse' Tent Scene Was Re-Shot To Be 'More Erotic'

RPattz hasn't yet seen the final version: 'I saw an earlier cut, and I liked what happened in the tent scene.'

Robert Pattinson More Comfortable In 'Eclipse' Action Scenes Than 'New Moon'

'For some reason, I felt a lot more comfortable with the action stuff this time,' actor says.

'Eclipse' Stars Reveal Scenes They're Dying To See

'I'm really excited about the 'Eclipse' action scenes definitely,' Jackson Rathbone says.

Robert Pattinson Says 'Eclipse' Is 'Different,' More 'Serious'

'They're not, like, fantasy things. It's like a horror film!' RPattz teases of fight scenes.

Meet Stephenie Meyer's New 'Eclipse' Vampires In 'Bree Tanner'

Several newborns from 'The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner' could appear in the 'Twilight' film on June 30.

'Eclipse' Exclusive Scene Turns Up The Jacob/Edward Tension

Bella's torn between two loves in the parking lot clip that premiered on the MTV Movie Awards.

'Twilight' Trio Have A Long History With MTV Awards Shows

The story continues when Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner present at the 2010 Movie Awards.

'Eclipse' Stars To Present Exclusive Clip At 2010 MTV Movie Awards

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will present the clip live on June 6.