'Thor': The Early Reviews Are In!

'A burly slab of bombastic superhero entertainment,' one critic writes about Marvel's 3-D take on the mighty Norse god.

'Thor' Director Kenneth Branagh Dishes Plot Details After Trailer Drops

'The story involves a clash with an ice planet and the frost giants who live therein,' Branagh explains.

Anthony Hopkins On 'The Rite': 'I Know How To Scare People'

In new film, Oscar-winner plays unorthodox exorcist Father Lucas.

Halloween Preview: Exorcisms, Anthony Hopkins And 'The Rite'

Hopkins plays a priest in the supernatural drama, which comes out January 28.

'Thor' At Comic-Con: Everything You Need To Know

From Chris Hemsworth's preparation for the role to Thor's costume and hammers, here are the details we've learned so far.

Chris Hemsworth Talks Bloody Battle Between Thor And Loki

'Consciously I didn't mean it,' actor says of injuring co-star Tom Hiddleston.

'Thor' Star Says Vikings' 'Fearlessness' Inspired His Portrayal

'He does reckless sort of things but his heart is in the right place,' Chris Hemsworth tells MTV News of his Marvel character.

Chris Hemsworth's 'Thor' Drew Influence From Mike Tyson

'Mike Tyson is very low to the ground ... very sort of brutal but graceful at the same time,' actor says of preparing his fighting style for the Marvel Studios film.

'Shutter Island' Marks New Box-Office High For DiCaprio And Scorsese

New thriller trounces the competition with $40.2 million opening weekend.

'Valentine's Day' Is Moviegoers' First Love At Box Office

Kid-friendly 'Percy Jackson & the Olympians' overtakes 'The Wolfman,' as 'Avatar' finishes fourth.

Benicio Del Toro, Rick Baker Reveal How The Wolfman Comes To Life

Oscar-winning actor and makeup designer set out to pay homage to a classic film, while dragging it into the 21st century.

Lohan's Grown-Up Roles Put Her At Big-Screen Crime Scenes

Actress details her summer slate, which includes two assassination flicks.

Movie File: Wilmer Valderrama, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Paul Walker & More

Valderrama's new challenge: going from sitcom star to leading man in 'CHiPs.'

Rewind: Hogwarts Doesn't Have Anything On These Hog Flicks

Indian speed-racer joins the ranks of zombie bikers, mace-wielding jousters, Man-Eaters and Mad Max.

Rewind: Add 'Proof' To The List Of Math Movies — Pay Attention, Class!

The new Paltrow and Hopkins film is hardly the first to create drama by the numbers.

'Alexander': Welcome To My Life, By Kurt Loder

Alexander the Great took eight years to conquer the known world. The best that can be said about the movie is that it isn't quite that long.

Colin Farrell Trying To Get Into Alexander's Skin; Angelina Jolie To Join Him

Oliver Stone's Alexander the Great flick to begin shooting in next few months.

'The Ring' Knocks 'Red Dragon' From Top Spot At Box Office

'Sweet Home Alabama' holds onto #2.

'Red Dragon' Fends Off Newcomers, 'Swept Away' Fends Off Moviegoers

Hannibal Lecter prequel rakes in $17.6 million in second week of release.

'Red Dragon' Eats The Competition, Plus A Big Fat Record

'Greek Wedding' overtakes 'Blair Witch' as top-grossing indie.

Hannibal Lecter + Pootie Tang's Daddy = Box Office Gold?

'Bad Company,' starring Anthony Hopkins and Chris Rock, may determine Rock's future in Hollywood.