9 Moments From VH1's 'Big In 2015' That Made Us Hug Ourselves

A recap of our favorite moments from Vh1's "Big in 2015."

Amy Schumer Wears Undies, Heels And Nothing Else -- See The Pic

Annie Leibovitz's picture of Amy Schumer shows the comedian in undies, heels and nothing else.

A Couple Hilariously Tries ~Anything~ To Get The Perfect Engagement Photo

Love is hard, y'all.

Jennifer Lawrence Is Making A Dirty Comedy With No Boys In It

New details have emerged about the script Jennifer Lawrence is co-writing with Amy Schumer.

Selena Gomez Has A Major Girlcrush On J-Law's BFF

Selena Gomez presented Amy Schumer with an award and a heap of praise at the Hollywood Film Awards on November 1.

9 Celebs Who Should Join Jennifer Lawrence's Comedy BFF Squad

If Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer start up the new BFF squad of Hollywood, here's who they should invite to join.

Amy Schumer And Jennifer Lawrence Just Completed The Twin Transformation

Amy Schumer pulled off one of her BFF Jennifer Lawrence's most iconic Oscars looks.

Bradley Cooper Reveals His Thoughts On Being 'Engaged' To Amy Schumer

Bradley Cooper clears the air on his relationship with Amy Schumer.

Amy Schumer Says Being JLaw's BFF Has One Major Downside

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are BFFs, and that means bad news for Schumer's self-esteem.

Nicki Minaj Showed Us What's Good By Crashing 'Saturday Night Live'

Amy Schumer and The Weeknd took over "Saturday Night Live," but it was Nicki Minaj's surprise performance that brought the house down.

This Is How The Weeknd And Amy Schumer Avoid Hangin' Out With You

The Weeknd and Amy Schumer might avoid hanging out with you if you do this.

11 Celebrities Dressed Up For Halloween Before They Were Famous

A round up of your favorite celebrities dressing up for Halloween when they were kids.

Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Just Made The Most Incredible Movie Ever: Watch

Jennifer Lawrence teamed up with Amy Schumer, Chris Pratt and Aziz Ansari for an epic Instagram video titled simply, "Hi Guys."

Jennifer Lawrence Surprised Amy Schumer With A Room Full Of Emmy Congrats

Jennifer Lawrence surprised her new BFF Amy Schumer with a room full of balloons to celebrate her Emmy win.

Jennifer Lawrence's Post-Emmys Text To Her BFF Should Get Its Own Award

Jennifer Lawrence's congratulations text was the second-best thing Amy Schumer got at the Emmys. Or maybe just the best.

Amy Schumer Opened For Madonna And Twerked All Over The Place

Amy Schumer danced onstage with Madonna while opening for her at Madison Square Garden.

Jake Gyllenhaal Got Revenge On Amy Schumer In The Most Delicious Way

Jake Gyllenhaal exacts some delicious revenge against Amy Schumer for violating his frozen birthday cake on video.

Amy Schumer Drunk-Ate Jake Gyllenhaal's Princess Cake And, Yes, There's Video

The actress shared the hilarious video on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert."

Of Course Jennifer Lawrence Danced On Top Of A Piano At A Concert Last Night

Jennifer Lawrence had a very normal Thursday night dancing on top of a piano onstage at a Billy Joel concert with Amy Schumer, as one does.

This Video Of Amy Schumer Rapping With Talib Kweli Will Cheer You Up

Amy Schumer joined Brooklyn rapped Talib Kweli on the stage at their Chicago, illinois show Tuesday night (Aug. 25) and busted out the lyrics to 'Get 'Em High'.

Jennifer Lawrence To Charm Our Socks Off In The Movie She's Co-Writing With Amy Schumer

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer revealed that they're writing and starring in a movie together.

Amy Schumer And Judd Apatow Crashed An Irish Wedding Just Because

Before hitting the Dublin premiere of 'Trainwreck' on Friday (August 14), Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow crashed an Irish wedding just because.

Amy Schumer's HBO Special Preview Revealed: 'Still No Anal'

The first teaser video for Amy Schumer's HBO special directed by Chris Rock is here.

Here's How Jennifer Lawrence Got Her Fresh New Girl Squad Together

Amy Schumer explains how she and Jennifer Lawrence used a jet-ski to dominate last month's news cycle.