Buzzworthy Obsession: Sara Bareilles, 'Brave'

Sara Bareilles urges us to be "Brave."

We've asked around, and survey says that nobody does a "feel-good Friday" quite like our all-time fantasy BFF Sara Bareilles, who just dropped the lyric video to "Brave," a bubbly jam cowritten by fun.'s Jack Antonoff. And we say "fantasy BFF" because, well, who wouldn't want to be best pals with the girl who wrote 2009's tear-jerking "Gravity"? (We're telling you, this lady has a WAY with words.)

Watch Sara Bareilles' "Brave" lyric video after the jump.

Set to a cheeky, piano-driven pop track, "Brave" marks the beginning of a new sound for Sara. As opposed to her previous subdued, organically slow ballads, "Brave" is Sara's most mainstream, pop radio-friendly effort to date. That said, there's a lot more to this jam than Sara's crystal-clear delivery and some expertly polished production. The lyrics for "Brave" were partially inspired by a close friend of Sara's who struggled with coming out. Right, so what does this all boil down to? Not only is Sara an ace musician, but she's also an AMAZING friend who writes personalized and empowering anthems for her pals to help them overcome life obstacles. How can we compete?! Oh wait, we can't.

+ Watch Sara Bareilles’ "Brave" lyric video, and watch her webisode featuring fun.'s Jack Antonoff.

Photo credit: Epic Records