13 Burning Questions We Have After Binge Watching All Of 'Jessica Jones'

Looks like we're going to need to do some sleuthing.

Spoilers for "Jessica Jones" follow!

If you're like us, you spent the entire weekend ripping right through the entire 13-episode season of "Jessica Jones," and now you have no idea what to do with your life -- but you're definitely a little bit afraid that people are watching you at every turn. Shudder.

When "Daredevil," Netflix and Marvel's first superhero collaboration, first took the world by storm back in March, it officially garnered a second season soon after. Hopefully the same holds true for Jessica, because barreling through the entire show left us with so many unanswered questions that we need to see solved with further episodes. Such as:

How exactly does alcohol affect Jessica Jones?



We know that she's capable of feeling drunk because she does so, often, but she's also seen drinking way more than someone her size should be capable of doing. How much of her tolerance is superpowers, and how much of it is pure alcoholism? And where is she getting all the money to pay for so much booze in the first place?

Will Trish Walker try to become a superhero now, too?

Marvel Comics


We know she's been secretly training herself in martial arts, and we all saw the thrill she got when she helped Jessica take down Bill Simpson -- granted, she was hopped up on some of his red pills at the time, but part of that must have been based in her desire to be a hero. After all, it was Trish who inspired Jessica to become one in the first place. So when's it herturn? We know she's really good with sewing spandex, after all...

What's going to happen with Officer Simpson?



One of the best reveals in the series is that the well-meaning but often intrusive Officer Will Simpson is actually meant to be Nuke, a "Daredevil" villain who is basically a very failed attempt at recreating the super-soldier program that produced Captain America. Does this mean we'll ever see him trying to take down Matt Murdock? Or maybe he'll be Jessica's possible Season 2 villain? And will he ever get that iconic American flag face tattoo he's known for? (Yes please.)

Will we ever get to meet Angela Del Toro?

Marvel Comics


When Jessica refuses to help Luke Cage find someone, she refers him to another private investigator instead -- Angela Del Toro, who hardcore Marvel fans will know as the White Tiger. Could she make an appearance in a future Netflix production?

And will we get to see more Reva Connors, too?



Sure, she's super dead in the current timeline, but it's not as if the previous Netflix Marvel shows -- "Jessica Jones" included -- haven't played with flashbacks. Obviously Reva is a big part of Luke's life, and in the comics she was his girlfriend before the experiment that made his skin unbreakable, so odds are she'll appear in the "Luke Cage" series.

What happened to all of those other kids in the neurological trials?


kids trials

There weren't just videos of Kilgrave on that yellow flash drive -- there were other little kids all going through the same procedures. Did they all have the same neurological disorder as he did? Did any of them end up with superpowers, too?

Why did Reva have that flash drive full of information in the first place?



Was she looking for something else on it -- like, perhaps, the origins of Luke Cage's abilities?

What is IGH?



From the show we know that IGH is the private research facility that Dr. Kozlov worked for, and we also know that they paid for all of Jessica's medical expenses after the accident that gave her superpowers. We're guessing that it's the Marvel Cinematic Universe version of Weapon Plus, the shadowy organization that created Nuke and Wolverine, as well as many other X-Men characters (which is why they probably can't use the name).

So what else does this company have their hands in? Did they create the chemical waste that gave Daredevil his powers? Did they have something to do with Luke Cage's abilities, or even Kilgrave's? How far down does the rabbit hole go?

Will Jessica appear in "Luke Cage" just as he appeared in "Jessica Jones?" (And will they still be romantically involved?)



We know Claire Temple will show up at some point, but it seems Luke and Jess might be calling it quits for the immediate future. Does this also mean that Claire, who once dated Luke Cage in the comics, might have a brief shot at his affections? Or is she done with the cape-chaser life after her falling out with Murdock?

What the heck is Robyn's deal, guys?



The Internet has already deemed her the worst character on the show, and while that's a pretty fair assessment, she did have some surprisingly heartfelt moments of grief and self-awareness in her subplot with Malcolm. Will she return for more (hopefully with Malcolm, as the two have an interesting dynamic), or will our collective distaste for her convince the showrunners to lose Robyn for good? Or, even weirder, will she become a villain, too? (A lot of people online think she has the potential to become a pretty decent Typhoid Mary...)

What about Malcolm? Where would he fit into the MCU's future?



He did have some amazing chemistry with Claire as a fellow do-gooder-friend-of-superheroes, so it would definitely be awesome if we got to see him again in "Luke Cage." Either way, odds are he's not moving away from the Alias Investigations office anytime soon -- Jessica's still kind of a mess, and he's doesn't seem like the type to walk away from a person in need even when he wants to.

Will Jeri end up getting fired, or worse?


She did tamper with a jury, after all, and we know her law partners are threatening to kick her out of the firm after what happened in her personal life. If that happens, then what? Will she possibly pursue a redemption arc that puts her in the path of other heroes, like her namesake did with the "Heroes For Hire?" (Yes please, again.)

Finally, will we finally get to see Jessica do some more old fashioned investigating?



"Alias," the comic book that "Jessica Jones" is based on, doesn't actually feature as much as Kilgrave as you'd expect from watching the show -- it's more about Jessica doing her job as a private investigator. As amazing as the first season was, we kind of missed seeing Jessica's day-to-day awesomeness. Guess that's something to look forward to if the show gets to continue!